Gathering together for worship and fellowship is at the heart of  what makes Fondren a place where the “S-O-N” always shines. The ability to return to corporate worship in the building is important to us and we are continuously evaluating how and when it will be safe for us to return to worship in our physical building.  Currently gatherings still represent a risk of increasing the spread of COVID-19 and we must make the safety and health of our church family a priority. At this time, we are resuming our in-person services on a pilot basis, with limited capacity and a registration process so that we can maintain COVID safety protocols. 

Even if it is not mandated, our own health care professionals, our local health department, and the CDC, urge all of us to wear our masks inside until enough of our community is fully vaccinated and we reach herd immunity. Besides being vaccinated, wearing a mask is the most effective way to keep infections down and begin to return to normal. We encourage you to make the personal decision to keep wearing your mask, keeping in mind the admonition of Christ to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Recently, COVID guidelines for all churches under Southwest Region Conference were updated and have been provided to share. Fondren will continue to adhere to these guidelines for the safety and well-being of our Fondren family. To read the SWRC guidelines, please click here

Due to COVID-19 protocols that help ensure the safety of those who choose to participate with us in person, it is important to understand that the following are required for all those who will join us in person for worship:

  • Registration is required for all those who choose to worship in person
  • Masks must be worn inside the building at all times
  • Facial masks can be worn in combination with, but not in place of, a facial mask
  • Social distancing will be practiced while inside the building
  • Temperature checks will be taken prior to entrance to each worship service
  • Entry and Exit doors will be limited for safety reasons (no other doors than those as listed below are allowed for entry or exit
    • Entry = West Entrance
    • Exit = North Exit

The following information on this page includes a  FAQ on the process involved with our Re-Gathering that will allow in-person attendance at our Worship Service. The FAQ's is a living document that is subject to change and updates as our process is refined. We will provide updates as needed to provide the most updated information.